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Just Started Learning Angular

Hi friends wish we good luck I am starting angular 5. while learning I will make videos how to code and the best available resources to learn and bet communities to join.

Let’s Begin >>

Angular 5, the next version of the popular Google-developed JavaScript framework, was to have debuted this month. But the release is now set to arrive October 23, because Google needs more time to work on the upgrade process.

As a result of Angular 5’s delay, Angular 6 should arrive in March or April 2018, followed by Angular 7 in September or October 2018. Each version is promised to be backward-compatible with the prior release.

Angular 5’s promised capabilities include building progressive web apps as well as a build optimizer and accommodations for Material Design components.

After taking multiple years between the first version of Angular and the rewritten Angular 2, Google pledged to do twice-a-year upgrades. Google then skipped over the Angular 3 designation and went right to Angular 4 last year, to align the framework with the version number of the router it used.

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