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Java Access Modifiers and Non-access Modifiers

Like other languages, it is possible to modify classes, methods, etc., by using modifiers. There are two categories of modifiers − Access Modifiers − default, public, protected, private Non-access Modifiers − final, abstract, strictfp

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Java Encapsulation

Hi, guys in this article we are going see the “Java Encapsulation” Topic, which is pretty simple to understand and to implement. We Call Functions as Methods in Java.   Important Notes: If you take a look at the documentation, it says, that expectsMath.pow() two doublesand returns a double. When you pass …

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Java Comments

Comments plays and importent role in realtime development. when we work in a team , many people invovled to work in a same module, at that point one developer code should be undersndable by other developer. New developer start reviewing code to know about the pursos of code. that it …

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Error: Could not find or load main class HelloWorld

HelloWorld.Java class HelloWorld { public static void main(String args[]){ System.out.println(“My First Program”); } }   Command prompt:  java> javac HelloWorld.java java> java HelloWorld Error: Could not find or load main class HelloWorld   Try  java -cp . Hello \java>java -cp . HelloWorld My First Program  

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What is Java .? Why is Java .? When we Use Java .?

That Most impotent question for the Java Learners and Upcoming Developers, those who are moving from Other technologies to Java is  What is Java .? Why is Java .? When we Use Java .?   Hope this Article will give you an Idea about Java and its Future and Difference …

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Java a platform dependent Technology

Yes, what you heard is right “Java a platform dependent Technology”. I will give you the clarity Remember these 3 files “file.java -> file.class -> file.exe”. Everyone knows that java compiler compiles “file.java” and generates “file.class” if JVM runs then file.class turns to machine level language than the program executes. But the fact is …

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