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Uploading files to Google Drive with PHP

Google Drive, Google’s popular online storage service, has an API that allows us to work with different programming languages to manage all the files stored in our own application. In this article, I show a simple example of how to upload them to our account through PHP.

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Latest 2017 PHP Interview Questions

1.What is the diff b/w include and require .? 2.Tell some jquery functions .? (ajax,fading,fadeout etc.) 3.What framework you have used for API’s What is the difference between REST and SOAP .? 4.How to do you call p tag id value with jquery .? 5.What are the joins in MySQL …

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How to use Internationalization in Codeigniter

How to use Internationalization in Codeigniter In Language File Create your Label language\english\message_lang.php $lang[‘greet’] = ‘Hi’; language\spanish\message_lang.php $lang[‘greet’] = ‘Holla’; In Controller Action $data[‘lang_greet’] = $this->lang->line(‘greet’); In View

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TechO2 Hyderabad Web Developer Interview Questions

After done with the technical round, they conduct a system test over skype. here is a question they asked over the conversation, I resolved them, you can find the solution as well. if you think you have the best solution than this don’t forget to write in the comment section.

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