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Funny Java Interview – Can’t Stop Laughing

Q. Do you know framework .?
yes I know framework, we surrounded by frames in our life, in fact, we cant live without them.
we use frameworks at our home to make doors/windows and ventilators etc.
we can customize the framework, for that we need a carpenter.

Q. What is Java .?
java is a drink, our grandparents use to have it for Energy,
as of my knowledge it has some ingredient and we can vary according to taste.
if we feel cold we and some pepper or masala kind of things.
if we feel anger we add some ice to it. etc.

Q. What is Testing?
it is an English word
as of my knowledge, it having presentence because it has “ing” at the end.

Q. What do you do office? , if I give you job.
first, I will ask for WIFI password
Daily I log in 15 late
I have a coffee with colleagues and discuss weekends
then back to my system and check my social network updates
by the time I log out from FB. will be lunch time
have lunch with colleagues after having heavy lunch I will sleep for some time
by the time woke up it logout time
fill the daily report and log out from office

Q. Tell me about your past company .?
Boy: company location is fine but I don’t find any single girl to flirt, the only reason I like the company because the pay the salary on time
Girl: I don’t find any single guy I can’t wait to get married, so just hate the company

Q. What are the technologies do you know. ?
I did BTech in mechanical engineering.
I took the training on Java, I came across concepts like collection and threads I thought those are complex.
then I moved to.Net I don’t like the MVC flow
I got the train only UI I frustrated with the inspect element because of a lot of code.
the Settled in testing now in enjoying it
I want to say finally, I know all technology but I do only testing.

Q. to much salary, you are expecting.?
30 % is enough for me, if I demand more you will assign to me a high priority Task, I the laziest person I won’t fit for that.
I want to stay safe from reviews / pink slips.

Q. Are you a good learner. ?
yes, I am, After becoming a successful software engineer, I learned flirting, dating and boozing.

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