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Latest 2017 PHP Interview Questions

1.What is the diff b/w include and require .?
2.Tell some jquery functions .? (ajax,fading,fadeout etc.)
3.What framework you have used for API’s What is the difference between REST and SOAP .?
4.How to do you call p tag id value with jquery .?
5.What are the joins in MySQL and how many types of joins prenet in mysql .?
6.What are the image attributes we can see with php .? example if you want to see the image height and width how can you check it.? (there is some PHP library by using it we can see)
7. Tell some array functions .? and What is the diff b/w array_merge and array_combine .?
8. What is candidate key in mysql .?
9. What is Interface .?
10.What is abstract class .?
11.What is polymorphism .?
12.What is diff b/w unset and unlink .?
13.What are the database engines we have in MySQL and which is default .?
14.What are the 3 things you write to use MYSAM engine.?
15.What is the diff b/w mysql_connect and mysql_peak_connect(peak/leak).?
16.What are MySQL injections .? how can you avoid those .?
17.What is the diff str_str and stri_str .?
18.what is the diff implode and explode .?
19.What is the diff b/w Inner join and right join .?
20.What is the diff b/w primary key and foreign key .?
21.Can we write multiple exceptions in error file at a time.?
22.How many types of popup we have though jquery .? and What is the diff prompt and confirm .?
23.what is the diff b/w strip_slashes and strip_tags .?
24.what are PDO’s .? why do we use them .?
25.What is the diff b/w truncate and delete in mysql .?
26.What are HEAP tables .? (may be view tables.?)
27.What are some math functions in php .? what do we call these functions with some name “blahblahfunctions” .?
28.What is the diff b/w HAVE and WHERE in mysql .?
29.What is the diff b/w CALL BY VALUE and CALL BY REFERENCE .?
30.What is the diff b/w GET and POST

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