PHP Coding Standard for Freshers and Experienced Developers

Are you a PHP Develeloper.? “PHP Coding Standard for Freshers and Experienced Developers” article for you. if you are a fresher developer them you must follow these. if you are an experienced¬†developer then you have to fix these in your existing project.

  1. Database queries should use parameter binding
  2. Logical operators should be avoided
  3. exit() and die() functions should be avoided
  4. Source code should not contain FIXME comments
  5. Code should not be duplicated
  6. Source code should not contain TODO comments
  7. Boolean should be compared strictly – Fixed
  8. Commented code should not be committed
  9. PHP short tags should not be used – Fixed
  10. Text files should end with a newline character
  11. .htaccess should be avoided


I will elaborate all this in my Upcoming articles which proper explanation and point out the purpose of use.

you can Review your own project to check your coding standards :

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