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Funny Java Interview – Can’t Stop Laughing

Q. Do you know framework .? yes I know framework, we surrounded by frames in our life, in fact, we cant live without them. we use frameworks at our home to make doors/windows and ventilators etc. we can customize the framework, for that we need a carpenter.

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Latest 2017 PHP Interview Questions

1.What is the diff b/w include and require .? 2.Tell some jquery functions .? (ajax,fading,fadeout etc.) 3.What framework you have used for API’s What is the difference between REST and SOAP .? 4.How to do you call p tag id value with jquery .? 5.What are the joins in MySQL …

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Vlink Interview Questions

1. what is the difference between ng-if and ng-show/ng-hide 2. How to create a custom directive 3. What’s the correct way to communicate between controllers in AngularJS? 4. AngularJS: Service vs provider vs factory 5. AngularJS: ng-switch-when with an OR 6. How digest works in angular 7. How route providers …

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TechO2 Hyderabad Web Developer Interview Questions

After done with the technical round, they conduct a system test over skype. here is a question they asked over the conversation, I resolved them, you can find the solution as well. if you think you have the best solution than this don’t forget to write in the comment section.

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Fluentgrid Interview Questions

1. Tell me about your self.? 2. Architecture to get the Student Details from University to College 3. Architecture to design an eCommerce Application 4. What is difference between deep copy and shallow copy 5. What is the Difference between inheritance and delegation in java.? 6. How to remove the …

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Virtusa Interview Questions for Java Experience Professionals

    Role: Java Developer Job Description: Core Java, Collections, Springs, Hibernate, PL/SQL Questions : – Tell about yourself – Have you did any Certification.? – Stored Procedure to remove all Duplicate Rows from Table – What are immutable Classes – How to create a custom immutable class – In …

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