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Telangana GK Objective Questions and Answers 2018

Welcome to your Telangana GK Objective Questions and Answers 2018

Telangana GK Objective Questions and Answers 2018

In this quiz, you are going to see the basic question about Telangana


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1. What was the name of the military operation that conducted to merge Hyderabad with India–
2. The Bhadrakali Lake is located in which district–
3. Which party demanded statehood for Telangana and contested elections in 1971 later merged with Congress?
4. Total number of National Park in Telangana–
5. When was Telangana formed?
6. When was Telangana merged with Andhra Pradesh?
7. Who were rulers of Hyderabad in 1724-1948 ?
8. Former prime minister P V Narasimha rao belongs to which of the following district in Telangana ?
9. After the formation of Telangana, how many states does India have now?
10. Total number of districts in Telangana .?
11. Rudrama Devi belongs to which dynasty–
12. Who is appointed as the "brand ambassador" of Telangana–
13. Which of the following dynasties ruled Telangana?
14. In which year the Charminar was built–
15. Bhongir fort situated in which district?
16. Historically, when was Telangana merged with Andhra?
17. Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary located in which district of Telangana?
18. An 800 year old Banyan tree Pillalamarri is situated in which district?
19. Which is the ruling party in Telangana?
20. Which of the following Village/City is famous for Paper industry?
21. The famous Warangal fort was built by ?
22. What is the literacy rate in Telangana
23. Which of the following districts is not part of Telangana?
24. Bathukamma is a part of which festival–
25. Who is the first Chief Minister of Telangana?
26. Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world's
27. Who was the last Nizam of Hyderabad–
28. How many MPs will Telangana send to Lok Sabha?
29. Which party formed Telangana's first government?
30. Which of the following districts is part of Telangana?


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