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Which Opencart version is best to use for your e-commerce websites?

Which is the best Opencart version to use for your e-commerce websites?
Hi, Friends, I am a web developer developed 100+ websites on the web, I developed 30+ Opencart websites. but when websites are in life you will come to an access lot of issues, then something makes to take a decision to update your Opencart versions. if you do that in the production(when the site is active) you will lose the customer impression, data and the site will become a mess.
to avoid this here are some important suggestion to you to consider them before you start the work. This Article will help you how to choose the best Opencart version that fits for your e-commerce site.

Opencart is pretty easy to download and install on your server. for those who don’t have an idea how to use Opencart check my video ( Opencart Tutorial 1 – Download and Install Opencart 2.2.X ) that will help you, no knowledge is required to create Opencart website.

There are some factors to consider before you start the work, do more research on that client requirement (SRS – Software Requirement Sheet), requirements like what are the features client want, what are the payment options he wants and theme color combination and some other factors. there are easy to say but literally telling you they will show you stars in the morning.

I use OpenCart (as per my requirements it’s much stable and works perfectly for my requirements).


Theme Selection :
the only way to impress the client by showing the attractive them, most of them won’t buy themes online, every developer search for the nulled themes that has all features and they download it from free Opencart themes websites instead of purchasing online.
The problem is those themes won’t work properly because they don’t have the suitable plugin, plugins won’t work properly on the theme, some don’t support payment gateway themes, and few another issue.

the only solution is to take a good theme and install it on your local computer and test it in all the different ways. if you come across any issues then leave it to check for another theme, don’t waste time on fixing issuer there are plenty of similar and latest theme available on the web.


Cover Features :
Most of Client ask for the common thing, how to show the different category products on the home page.? this is the most common and important thing, you can find the solution on my article. show different category products on home page.
Problem is plugins are specific to your Opencart version, some plugins won’t support to your Opencart versions, first get the complete client requirement and research on the plugin for which version they support so that you won’t trouble later.


Check for Payment gateways:
as I told you the few plugin won’t work on all the Opencart versions. before you start the work, ask the client what are the payment gateways he has.? if the client doesn’t have any options with him, go with the easy and quick setup thing,

while I am developing the businesstech.in the website I came across this problem, I never researched it, a client asked for PayUMoney that’s taking 2 + months to get active. the client will fed up with this thing you will trouble at that end after all finish your part so be careful on that.

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