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Free Sharing Updated 2V0-602 VCE and PDF Exam Practice Materials

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Question 1:

You have just installed an ESXi 6.x Host. As part of your company security regulations, a security banner must be presented on the console of the host. How can this action be accomplished?

A. Configure the Advanced Settings > Annotations screen of the ESXi host.

B. This is configured from the Direct Console User Interface configuration menu.

C. It is not possible to configure a security banner for the ESXi host.

D. From vCenter Server, this setting is configured globally in the vCenter Server configuration.

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

Which scenario shows a reason for VMware Tools failing to install?

A. Virtual machine has a CD-ROM configured.

B. Guest OS Antivirus is blocking the VMware Tools installation.

C. Guest OS has 64-bit ldd (list dynamic dependencies) utility installed.

D. Virtual machine is powered on.

Correct Answer: B

Question 3:

A vApp is running out of compute resources when overall activity is high within the resource pool. At other times, everything is fine. What should be done to resolve this issue?

A. Increase the size of the resource pool Shares.

B. Set the vApp\’s CPU and Memory Reservation Type to Expandable.

C. Set the vApp\’s CPU and Memory Limit to Unlimited.

D. Create a new resource pool with the existing hardware configuration.

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

What component must be installed prior to deploying a vCenter Server in vSphere 6.x?

A. vCenter Identity Services

B. Platform Services Controller

C. vCenter Single Sign-On

D. Client Integration Plug-In

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

What are two possible causes of Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS) being disabled on one or more virtual machine disks in a datastore cluster? (Choose two.)

A. The virtual machine has vSphere Fault Tolerance disabled.

B. The virtual machine is a template.

C. The virtual machine swap file is on a shared datastore.

D. The disk is a CD-ROM/ISO file.

Correct Answer: BD

Question 6:

You are editing the management network configuration of an ESXi 6.x Host from the vSphere Web Client. You mistakenly put the incorrect VLAN in place for the management network. What action do you need to take to correct this?

A. You need to manually edit the configuration on the host with command line utilities.

B. No action is required. By default ESXi rolls back configuration changes that disconnect the host.

C. The ESXi host system configuration will need to be restored to the factory configuration to fix the issue.

D. The change can be reverted in the vSphere Web Client by simply editing the switch again.

Correct Answer: B

By rolling configuration changes back, vSphere protects hosts from losing connection to vCenter Server as a result from misconfiguration of the management network. In this case, configuring the wrong VLAN on the management network would result in a lost connection to the server.

Question 7:

An administrator has configured an alarm to be notified when a virtual machine meets either of these conditions:

High virtual CPU

High active memory consumption.

The alarm is only triggering when both of the conditions are met.

What can be done to correct the alarm behavior?

A. Edit the alarm and select Trigger if ANY of the following conditions are satisfied.

B. Edit the alarm and select Trigger if ALL of the following conditions are satisfied.

C. Create two separate alarms, one for CPU and one for memory and link them together with ESXCLI.

D. Delete the existing alarm and create a new event based alarm.

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

Which two statements are true about deploying and using vSphere Replication? (Choose two.)

A. ESXi hosts managed by a single vCenter Server instance require a connection between the two vSphere Replication appliances.

B. Sites managed by different vCenter Server instances require a connection between the two vSphere Replication appliances.

C. Sites managed by different vCenter Server instances require the use of Site Recovery Manager and a connection between the two vSphere Replication appliances.

D. ESXi hosts managed by a single vCenter Server instance require a single vSphere Replication appliance.

Correct Answer: BD

Question 9:

What is true regarding datastores on ESXi 6.x?

A. NFS 4.1 datastore does not support Fault Tolerance (FT)

B. VMFS3 and VMFS5 datastores can be newly created

C. NFS datastore can be concurrently mounted using NFS 4.1 on one host and NFS on another

D. NFS 3.0 datastore does not support Fault Tolerance (FT)

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

An administrator is performing a scripted installation of ESXi 6.x. In which three locations does the script need to be? (Choose three.)

A. PXE Server




E. VVOLs Datastore

Correct Answer: BCD

Question 11:

Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator is configuring an ESXi 6.x host to use multiple NICs to resolve a management network redundancy error. After configuring a second NIC, the server is not able to communicate when the primary

connection is taken down.

The administrator analyzes the Exhibit shown here.

Based on the exhibit, what is the likely cause of the issue?

A. vmnic4 is not attached to a vSwitch.

B. vmnic2 is not connected to a physical switch.

C. E1000 is the incorrect NIC Driver for this card.

D. There is a MAC address conflict on the network.

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

A vApp template recently added to a Content Library is not displayed. Which two actions could correct this problem? (Choose two.)

A. Manually synchronize the library

B. Select the Download all library content immediately option

C. Select the Sync subscribed library option

D. Manually download the vApp template

Correct Answer: AB

Question 13:

Which three are requirements when using vMotion to move a virtual machine across vCenter Server systems? (Choose three.)

A. Both vCenter Servers must be using Enhanced Linked Mode.

B. Both vCenter Servers must be in the same Single Sign-On Domain.

C. Time must be synchronized.

D. Duplicate VM MAC addresses must be configured.

E. Both vCenter Servers must have High Availability enabled on source and destination clusters.

Correct Answer: ABC

Question 14:

Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator logs into the vSphere Web Client and sees the warning shown in the Exhibit.

During a change control window, the warning was addressed. What should be done to verify that the host is no longer showing the warning?

A. Run a Remediate host operation.

B. Recheck the compliance of the host.

C. Restart the host to get rid of the warning.

D. Install VMware tools to clear the warning.

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

An organization has configured Distributed Power Management (DPM) on a vSphere 6 cluster. The organization wants to be alerted when an ESXi host has been powered down by DPM. Which two options represent the type and name of the alarm that would accomplish this? (Choose two.)

A. DrsEnteringStandbyModeEvent

B. DrsEnteredStandbyModeEvent

C. Event-based

D. Condition-based

Correct Answer: BC


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