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Oracle Cloud

[PDF and VCE] Latest 1Z0-934 Exam Practice Materials Free Downloading

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Question 1:

What fields are used to define static or dynamic list of values in web forms in Process Cloud Service?

A. Links, Email and Message Fields

B. Checklists, Radio button or Select controls

C. Date, Time and Number Fields

D. Text Input and Area Fields

Correct Answer: B


Question 2:

Which three are characteristics of Device Virtualization?

A. Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service does not support Device Virtualization.

B. You can monitor each device endpoint\’s health, performance, and location via the client software library API, or with REST calls made to those devices.

C. You can collect data from your devices using APIs delivered with Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service Client Software Libraries or Oracle IoT Cloud Service Gateway.

D. The APIs provided enable you to send telemetry messages and device data from your devices to Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service, control your devices, and deploy applications to your gateway devices.

E. Devices used are not real. They are virtual devices and linked with Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) CS.

Correct Answer: BCD


Question 3:

Which two are On-prem Connectivity Options with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?


B. Connectivity Agent

C. PaaS Agent

D. Execution Agent

Correct Answer: BC

Question 4:

What two tasks can a user with the Application Developer role perform?

A. Subscribe to a Plan.

B. Deploy to a Gateway.

C. Create an API.

D. Create an Application.

Correct Answer: CD

Question 5:

Which is NOT a key advantage of using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?

A. Public/Private Cloud Portability

B. choice of IDE for development

C. Auto Association of Oracle SaaS Applications

D. prebuilt integrations

E. recommendations

Correct Answer: B


Question 6:

Which operation is NOT supported by Stage activity?

A. Read Entire File

B. Delete File

C. Write File

D. Unzip File

E. Zip File

F. Read File in Segments

Correct Answer: F


Question 7:

You receive an exception message: “ Path does not chain with any of the trust anchors”

What needs to be verified when this exception message is received?

A. Run this command to verify code.keystore has system certificates: keytool 璴ist 璼toretype JKS 璳eystore config\code.keystore

B. Run this command to verify code.truststore has system certificates: keytool 璴ist 璼toretype JKS 璳eystore config\code.truststore

C. Run this command to verify cacerts has system certificates: keytool 璴ist 璼torertype JKS 璳eystore security\cacerts

D. Run this command to verify code.certstore has system certificates: keytool 璴ist 璼toretype JKS 璳eystore config\code.certstore

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

Which three options are available for Business rule conflict resolution in Process Cloud Service?

A. No Conflict

B. Skip

C. Override

D. Escalate

E. Conflict

Correct Answer: ACE


Question 9:

Which two statements are true about Internet of Things (IoT)?

A. Different IOT approaches need to be established integrate different technologies such as mobile, cloud, big data, and analytics, and connects everyday objects to each other and to the Internet.

B. Cloud technology is well suited to enable IoT, offering high degrees of agility, low and flexible costs, and excellent resource utilization.

C. Using IoT, hospitality-based businesses can better track customer behavior and preferences to deliver rewards and more tailored services that differentiate their businesses.

D. IOT is not useful in asset tracking scenarios because there is an unavailability of low-cost connected devices and sensors that can be embedded into all of the various assets that need tracking.

Correct Answer: AB


Question 10:

What are the four steps required to complete the task `create a connection\’?

A. Configure Connection Properties

B. Import SSL Certificate

C. Test Connection

D. Select an Adapter

E. Configure Lookup

F. Configure Connection Security

Correct Answer: ACDF


Question 11:

What are two key benefits of Oracle Web Service Manager (OWSM) in the management and security of Web services across the organization?

A. Security is controlled by the developer of the service and this gives greater control to the development of the service.

B. OAuth services are used for REST based services.

C. OWSM provide a framework that is externalized and declarative outside of the web service implementation.

D. Developers no longer need to understand security specifications and security implementation details.

Correct Answer: CD


Question 12:

Which role is needed for managing users from Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service?

A. IotUsersGroup

B. IotAdministratorsGroup

C. System Administrator

D. IotOperatorsGroup

Correct Answer: C


Question 13:

Which setting is used for a system that is hosting a web application to be allowed to access Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service resources?

A. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

B. Management Console Timeout Interval

C. Message Storage and Command Notification

D. OAuth Access Token Lifetime

Correct Answer: A


Question 14:

Which expression can you use to schedule integration runs?


B. an iCal

C. a JavaScript


Correct Answer: B


Question 15:

Which two actions can be repositioned in integration with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)?

A. Function Call

B. Switch

C. Stage File with Read File in Segments

D. Stage File

Correct Answer: AB


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